Health drink for toddlers which make them healthy and fit

During the growing time children needs extra nutrients but as children are sensitive, we need to take care about the intakes. Apart from food, health drinks like athletic greens are must for them which make them healthy & fit. Here we have some health drink recipes for parents; they can make it in your home very easily for their kids.

  • Almond milk – Children started drinking milk when they born but for toddlers parents can add almonds too, it will change the change the taste of plain milk. You can make it in two ways :–


  • Take half cup of almonds & crushed them in blender, put it in one glass of light warm milk with sugar & stir it well. Your almond milk is ready.


  • Throw all these three ingredients in blender, blend them for 1 minute then boil them well, leave it for some time to cool down its temperature as toddlers can’t take hot milk.


  • Fresh sweet lime juice – Sweet lime contains vitamin c which is very important for kids as kids used to fall ill quit often because of the sensitivity, they can be easily affected by weather change or any other infection so sweet lime is healthy & tasty too. To prepare a sweet lime drink read the below direction.


Direction – Take 2-3 peeled sweet lime, put them into blender with sugar & blend it well for some time. Pour it in one glass add a pinch of salt or black salt to remove its tanginess stir it well.


  • Fruits & coconut milk – Strawberries & pineapple creates a nice flavor with coconut milk, fruits are rich in fiber & taste good for children’s tongue. You can choose the favorite fruit of your choice, cut them into medium size & blend them with coconut milk in blender. You can also add a pinch of sugar.


  • Water – Proper intake of water is necessary for everyone but for toddler parents need to know that it is more important as they need to be hydrated all the time. Water helps to build healthy skin & It is also helpful for constipation, constipation is a very common problem in kids because whatever they eat or drink that is not used to with their internal system.